I was born on November 12, 1991, in Finland. I discovered my passion for performing at the age of three. I started playing violin in Kuopio’s conservatory when I was five years old. Whilst playing a violin, I also started singing which I loved even more. I joined a choir and we performed in many places which I am so grateful for because it really showed me how much I love performing, no matter how many people were in the audience.
Financially, playing a violin was a bit expensive so I decided to quit it. After that, I started focusing on singing, acting and even song-writing. Having a hard childhood associated with school bullying, I wrote all my emotions on a piece of paper and that is how my song writing begun evolving.
Year 2012, I attended Finland’s got talent, where I got to the second round. It was an experience that I don’t regret. I have grown so much since then.
In year 2015, I moved to London to build my career. I have studied musical theater and acting, and whilst doing that, I have been in various projects such as adverts, tv-shows and even movies which are currently in the making.