I was born on November 12, 1991, in Finland. I discovered my passion for performing at an early age. I started playing violin in Kuopio’s conservatory when I was five years old. Whilst playing a violin, I also started singing which I loved even more. I joined a choir and we performed in many places which I am so grateful for because it really showed me how much I love performing, no matter what kind of an audience there is.
Financially, playing a violin was a bit expensive so I decided to quit it. After that, I started focusing on singing, acting and even song-writing. Having a hard childhood associated with school bullying, I wrote all my emotions on a piece of paper and that is how my song writing begun evolving.
Year 2012, I attended Finland’s got talent, where I got to the second round. It was an experience that I wanted to have because I wanted to see whether I really wanted to build a career around this industry.
Last year (2015), I moved to London to work hard for my dreams. Now, one year later, I was accepted to West End MT, which is the best place to train musical theatre. I remember when I got the call saying that I was accepted, it was one the best moments of my life, knowing that all my hard work has payed off.
My ultimate dream is to be happy and live to the fullest. I believe my journey has only just begun.
CONTACT: heidituominen@icloud.com